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My career includes a decade on Wall Street and ten years as an entrepreneur and CEO. Along the way, I have built brand, culture and owned PnL. I believe in creating brands with purpose, defining a clear value proposition and sticking with it.


I believe that to make informed business decisions we need to have a clear financial picture and develop scalable tools and dashboards that we can use to drive revenue and optimize margin. 


I have had my fair share of wins and losses along the way, but I have always focused on turning those losses into wins. Let's connect. I'd love to share my learnings with you and help you tell your story.



  • Scaled better-for-you fast casual restaurant to 7 CPG brands, 22 total units and operated a 9,000sqft production facility 

  • Created a purpose driven brand. Recognized consecutive years of 3x revenue growth

  • Recognized positive store level margins at all stores (12-25%) by developing modeling tools to manage core KPIs

  • Developed omnichannel experience with a company owned website to understand LTV:CAC

  • Using no-code tech built an internal inventory management system and an operational workflow automation tool to manage a hub-and-spoke model successfully and safely

  • Developed and negotiated longstanding brand partnerships with Whole Foods Market (9 stores in IL, 1 in MI) and Equinox (4 locations) where we operated third party smoothie bars inside their stores

  • Strategically analyzed data to accelerate growth and drive margin

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